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Hi! I'm Charlene Notgrass. Our family started homeschooling when our children were 11, 9, and 6. For the first two years, we tried so hard to reproduce public school at home that I burned out. We stopped homeschooling for two years.

Then we tried homeschooling again with a different attitude and a different approach. Instead of making homeschooling a burden that added stress to our lives, we learned to make homeschooling a way of life. Everything wasn't easy. But it was good.

Parents have always trained their children. Homeschooling is not a new idea. Relax. You love your children. You want what's best for them. You know what you're doing. God loves your children. He made them. He trusts you with them. You are just right for the job.

As you get started with homeschooling, this daily checklist will help you remember to focus on the most important things.

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