Notgrass History is a leading provider of Christ-centered curriculum that is easy for parents and engaging for students. We help you succeed at homeschooling!

What parents say...

"It is such a delight to see my son retain and enjoy history, especially as he has learning disabilities that make it difficult to retain information. Your curriculum is one of our victories!" (Marilyn D., Pennsylvania)  

"My daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia. She is so smart and compensates so well, I didn't have a clue. The reason she likes From Adam and Us so much is its simple straightforward writing style, larger print, and colorful pictures." (Julie T., Ohio)  

"As the parent of a special needs child and an advocate for other parents whose children 'learn differently,' I HIGHLY recommend Notgrass products." (Vivian C., Tennessee) 

Notgrass History helps you succeed at homeschooling by offering:

  • instructions and lesson plans that are easy to follow  
  • flexible assignments that you can adjust for your child  
  • hundreds of full-color photographs and illustrations  
  • hands-on activities 

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